Find deep fulfillment in your career

Through 1:1 coaching with certified leadership coach Domonique Worship.

Domonique’s coaching services are bespoke, refreshing and astute. I really liked that the sessions were tailored to my goals and that we accomplished so much in our short time together. Through coaching, I've gained confidence and insight into how to become an entrepreneur. After working with Domonique, I am now moving towards living the life I dream of!

Kelly, Director of Communications

The seed of Something Bigger

I remember sitting at my much too fancy desk some days, looking out, wondering “Is this what arriving feels like?” To everyone else, I was living the dream– working on Wall Street at a prestigious law firm. But here I was, feeling like the dream wasn’t my dream.

Maybe you feel similarly. Sitting pretty in a corporate role that everyone says you’re so lucky to have. Your family is proud of you. Society is cheering you on because you followed the perfect path to success.

But you can’t help but feel stifled. You’re proud of yourself for how far you’ve come, but you know you’re destined for something more aligned with the core of who you are.

Something Bigger.

What would happen if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Would you start your own business?

Would you begin laying the groundwork to go after that C-suite role?

Would you switch career paths and pursue the one in your heart?

When you think about what you would do with your life if failure was impossible, I'm sure you're battling two voices. The voice of your intuition whispering, "Yes. This is what you're meant for." And the voice of your limiting beliefs telling you to stay right where you are instead.

The conflicting thoughts are normal. But they don't have to be your forever.

If you're ready for a deeply fulfilling career that you’re the main character of, then it's time for you to get into alignment with your values.

Unlock your vision with 1:1 coaching from me, Domonique. I'm a certified Leadership and Executive coach for leaders who are ready to become exceptionally aligned in their work and life -- by deeply understanding their inner power, and following the call to that Something Bigger they’re craving.

You need to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that you are exceptional

When you uncover the parts of you that are exceptional, you realign with who you truly are and take control of the pen writing your life's story.

Become acquainted with your intrinsic value and you will:

- Find clarity around your purpose and vision

- Discover what you need to feel whole

- Figure out your next big thing and get on a path that serves your desires instead of the desires of others

- Uncover what’s been holding you back and shed that to make room for the decisions that bring you into alignment with your values

- Feel confident around your strengths and use them to power your Something Bigger era

- Find meaning and fulfillment in your work and relationships

- Be less stressed

- Have the tools and resources to combat the limiting beliefs that keep you playing small

- Create an action plan that allows every step you take to propel you toward your biggest goals

Create the life and career you were meant to lead

When you know why you are phenomenal, you can live boldly—making decisions based on your values and heart, not dictated by what society wants from you.

1:1 coaching is the vehicle for this change. It will allow you to deeply focus on the unique facets of your being that make you exceptional. And from that self-discovery, you will realign into who you truly are.

You will show up as an unrelenting and natural leader who confidently implements her vision.

Work With Me

6-Month Coaching Package
For the ambitious woman who’s ready to align into her best life. We’ll go deep to help you uncover how unlimited your potential, opportunities, and impact truly are.
Intensive Discovery Call
12 Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Unlimited Text and Email Support
Get Started with 6 Months
3-Month Coaching Package
Feel supported as you create the vision and implementation plan for your Something Bigger in this condensed version of the 6-month package.
Intensive Discovery Call
6 Private One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Unlimited Text and Email Support
Get Started with 3 Months

Just looking for one piece of the puzzle?

Try a 90-Minute Intensive

Sometimes you don’t need a comprehensive coaching package; you just need that one missing piece to propel your career forward. That’s where the 90-Minute Intensive comes in. Designed for individuals seeking targeted support or a quick tune-up, this condensed session is perfect for those who are short on time but still crave impactful results. Book a 90-Minute Intensive with me so we can clarify your vision, lightly map out your action plan, and set you on the path to your dream life actualized.

The results that rise from alignment

When we first started to work together, I was looking for clarity around purposeful goal setting. I was in a funk and looking for answers to questions I didn't have. Domonique not only helped me answer the surface level questions I had about myself, but she dove deeper and forced me to identify my values and self-worth. I feel more in tune with my emotions, passions, and values than ever before because of the calming, yet intentional direction Domonique has provided me with. She's the best!

Nikki, Chief of Staff

Let’s face it, change is intimidating

It might feel easier to stay on your current path, even when your bones are saying “this isn’t right.”

You may find yourself restless at night, wondering if you should take the leap of faith to something more aligned.

You might be itching to get to what’s next. Except this time, the possibility might be radically different from anything you’ve experienced.

You’re feeling like where you’ve arrived is making you feel more burned out than lit up.

You’re ready to fully show up in your life and career, acutely aware of what makes you so exceptional– ready to let that power up this 2.0 version of you.

You’re ready to trade checking the boxes and “living the dream” out for living your dream.

But the choice is yours. Will you continue on this path and risk settling for misery, or will you unleash the Something Bigger that’s beautifully aligned for you?

Coaching Is for You If:

You are a career-driven visionary. You’re not afraid to reach and put the work in to get what you want.

You are at a crossroads, wondering if this is the moment you go for your dream role or finally start that business.

You are craving Something Bigger. You are yearning for alignment. You are desperately desiring success that matches what you want, not society’s expectations.

You are committed to going all in on yourself, learning about who you are and your vision. And you are ready to unleash her to the world.

The answer lies within you

You just need to unlock it. Together, we’ll dive into the depths of your current mindset and shape your beliefs to power up your vision, not box it in. We’ll create a strategic plan that focuses your action and gets you to a place where you’re lit up by your career and life.

Hi! I’m Domonique Worship.

I’m an Executive Coach and Leadership Advisor for ambitious individuals and high-impact organizations. I hold a J.D. from Harvard Law School and an ICF-coaching certification.

Since boldly transitioning to coaching after feeling unfulfilled in my dream law firm on Wall Street, I have coached and consulted with leaders from companies such as YouTube, DoorDash, MasterClass, and Hinge. I was also an integral changemaker for the National Basketball Association (NBA), where I served as the Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion – making me the youngest VP at the time.

I have an unwavering belief that fulfillment is possible (and vital) if ambitious individuals and teams want to play bigger, unleash their full potential, and love their lives.

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